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postcards from Italy

petronia in getbacksubrosa

The reveal!

And now for the last piece. XD

Stories and authors:

[Lucifer] Then And Now - amethyst_hunter
[Sakura] Inside And Out - petronia
[Saizou] What Now, Mr. Left? - aquarius_galuxy
[Kirihito] Eurydice - gisho
[Amon] Domestication - harajukufuuri
[Yuuri] Shogatsu - aquarius_galuxy
[Maiya] Enemies Under Truce - aviss
[Yohan] Tit-For-Tat - huabot
[Maria] November 19, Minato Mirai 21 - gisho
[Kagenuma] The Name Of The Rose - incandescens
[Yukihiko] How Curiosity Slew The Snake - mullenkamp
[Yamato] Blind Sighted - ugbun

The winner of the game is harajukufuuri with a score of 55%, or 6/11 correct guesses (for the writers, I scored on 10 or 11 depending on how many stories you wrote, since guessing yourself doesn't count). Runners up are gisho with 5/10 correct guesses, and amethyst_hunter with 5/11 correct guesses. Congratulations all!

Feel free to exclaim here regarding how you thought your story was going to be obvious, and how hard the guessing was otherwise. XD
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I changed my mind on one of yours! Was in two minds about November 19, Minato Mirai 21 (imo the hardest story of the lot to guess, and one of my favourites in this issue), because I couldn't decide if it was yours or mullenkamp's. It sort of was her, only not, and your stories have so much variety in voice/style that I couldn't safely say it was yours either. In the end I went with her because the ship and way it was written seemed more like her, but I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong.
Thanks. I was actually trying to imitate mullenkamp's writing style on that one to throw people off; I guess it worked. Did you guess 'Eurydice', or did you think it was someone else's?
Hahah, I only just now remembered to check comments on this post.

Funny thing is, I read that and went "...That kind of looks like a couple of my fics thrown in a blender..."

I am actually completely unaware of any "writing style" that I have, or what would tip people off, so I didn't bother to camouflage my story at all. I was just curious to see if people would figure it out despite the fact that I probably wouldn't be able to tell my own writing apart from anyone else's except for a couple key phrases that I use too much.

...Maybe if we do this again, though. ;)
You do have a style! Your writing is always very straightforward and clear, very defined and broadly drawn. It would probably be metaphor abuse to say you write like a stained glass window, but what the heck, I'm all for metaphor abuse: You write like a stained glass window! Wheras my natural style is more 'Edward Gorey on a bender'.

Of course, picking the right pairing helps, too. ^_^
It wasn't at all the style that made me think that, though - it was more the actual plot, I think... Ah, I dunno. I'm really not much good at analyzing. Which is why I didn't even bother trying to guess the authors myself - I read them and decided that one was obvious and one was possibly obvious and I had absolutely no idea about the rest.

I kind of get what you're saying about my writing, but now I have to ask myself... is that the style I want to be known for? I've actually had one recurring thing in the beta process, where I'm told I'm "heavy-handed", and I guess that goes with what you're saying... Hmm.
Huh. I had no problems picking style for the authors I actually knew; I missed one on the basis of character, though.

I wouldn't say it's a bad thing. It suits the kind of stories you do very well. Maybe it would be better to say you write like a Gaugin painting? I never have to go back and reread to figure out when something happened, and the style is never so overwrought it gets in the way of the story; you keep the plot going and pause to describe things only as necessary, but the emotions are still very vivid.

(And now I have this whole mental analogy where I try to explain how incandescens reads like Chris van Allsberg and petronia reads like Charles Vess and aargh, I should give it up before I confuse myself further or run out of lunch hour.)
I changed my mind on Eurydice too, originally guessed you, too, but went with huabot in the end since I had no idea which she (?) wrote. OTL Score 1 for confusion and 0 for common sense.

For you, I guessed Then and Now. Waaaaay off though. XD;;

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