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postcards from Italy

petronia in getbacksubrosa

The reveal!

And now for the last piece. XD

Stories and authors:

[Lucifer] Then And Now - amethyst_hunter
[Sakura] Inside And Out - petronia
[Saizou] What Now, Mr. Left? - aquarius_galuxy
[Kirihito] Eurydice - gisho
[Amon] Domestication - harajukufuuri
[Yuuri] Shogatsu - aquarius_galuxy
[Maiya] Enemies Under Truce - aviss
[Yohan] Tit-For-Tat - huabot
[Maria] November 19, Minato Mirai 21 - gisho
[Kagenuma] The Name Of The Rose - incandescens
[Yukihiko] How Curiosity Slew The Snake - mullenkamp
[Yamato] Blind Sighted - ugbun

The winner of the game is harajukufuuri with a score of 55%, or 6/11 correct guesses (for the writers, I scored on 10 or 11 depending on how many stories you wrote, since guessing yourself doesn't count). Runners up are gisho with 5/10 correct guesses, and amethyst_hunter with 5/11 correct guesses. Congratulations all!

Feel free to exclaim here regarding how you thought your story was going to be obvious, and how hard the guessing was otherwise. XD
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Huh. I had no problems picking style for the authors I actually knew; I missed one on the basis of character, though.

I wouldn't say it's a bad thing. It suits the kind of stories you do very well. Maybe it would be better to say you write like a Gaugin painting? I never have to go back and reread to figure out when something happened, and the style is never so overwrought it gets in the way of the story; you keep the plot going and pause to describe things only as necessary, but the emotions are still very vivid.

(And now I have this whole mental analogy where I try to explain how incandescens reads like Chris van Allsberg and petronia reads like Charles Vess and aargh, I should give it up before I confuse myself further or run out of lunch hour.)

December 2007

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