Get Back The Writer's Name!

a GetBackers guess-the-writer challenge

a GetBackers guess-the-writer challenge
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Get back the writer's name!
getbacksubrosa is a guess-the-writer challenge for the GetBackers ~Dakkanya~ fandom, modelled after the illustrious examples of subrosa_tennis, blind_go, et al. Writers will submit fics that will be posted anonymously, and members of the community will attempt to identify the authors based on writing style.

(This will be somewhat simpler than usual, as I don't intend to participate in the guessing *g*)

1. Writers interested in submitting for the challenge should sign up at this post by October 25, 2007, 11:59 PM EST. Leave the following information in your comment:

LJ username:
Writing archive:
(can be a link to LJ memories, a fic LJ or a separate site)

2. Up to two stories may be submitted per individual. Writers who sign up will be emailed with two ID numbers with which to label their submissions. At deadline, email your story to the following address, in the specified format:

To: getbacksubrosa@gmail.com
Subject: [ID number] Title

In the body of your email, include the following:

LJ name:
Word count:

Attach your story in Word .doc, .rtf or .txt format. Send a SEPARATE email for each story.

If your fic exceeds 11,000 words (or the LiveJournal post word limit), please indicate chapter divisions in order that the fic may be posted in installments. Please also include HTML tags for any formatted text in your fic (e.g. <em> or <i> for italics, <strong> or <b> for bold, <u> for underline). Fics will be posted as-is without further formatting, not even fixes.

3. Guidelines for submissions:
  • The deadline for submissions is November 25, 2007, 11:59 PM EST.
  • All fics must be for the GetBackers fandom. Crossovers are allowed, but the GetBackers-related content should be substantial.
  • Word count should be greater than 1000 words. There is no maximum limit.
  • Writers can submit up to two submissions.
  • There are no restrictions on genre, rating or pairing.
  • Writers may choose to write in their usual style or disguise it as they wish.

4. Fics will be posted in the community within two days of the submission deadline. The members of the community will also be supplied with a list of all the authors that wrote for the challenge and their writing archives, in the interest of facilitating the guessing game.

5. Community members will post their guesses in an entry with screened comments. Writers will be allowed to guess for all fics that are not their own. The answers, along with the members with the highest percentage of correct guesses, will be posted two weeks after the fics are posted.

Email the mod at petronia at gmail.